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Why is it that no matter what you say to your ex girlfriend you can’t win her back? Not only that, but the harder you try to convince her to stay, the more she pulls away.

Doesn’t it frustrate you to know that you could have her back in your arms… if you only knew the right things to say?

What if I told you there are nine words, that when used correctly, can instantly reverse the direction your relationship is headed in… would you be interested in learning more? Well that’s what this article is about – but you must read it ’till the end.

Failure to do so will not only render this approach useless, but highly counterproductive as well.

So listen closely, here’s exactly what you need to say to win her back as shown also on adultfrienedfinder: “I am OK with your decision to break up.”

Counter-intuitive, isn’t? Logic tells you that this is the last thing you should be telling your ex if you want her back in your life.

However, before you discount this approach let me tell you why you may be making a major mistake.

You see, your ex wants you to be OK – there’s no question about that. But… in addition to this she expects two specific things from you during this breakup: to miss her and to continuously shower her with attention (e.g. to beg, plead, and ask for second chances).

Now, if you don’t do either of the above she’ll start to question why – after all you’ve been together for some time. She should take longer than this to get over, right?

And that’s why this approach is brutally effective in winning her back: because you’ll be doing the exact opposite of what she expects and it will deal a serious blow to her ego. Naturally, she’ll come to you to build it back up.

How you handle the situation from that point on will determine if you win her back or draw this breakup out until it destroys any chances of being with her again (but that’s a different topic altogether).

Getting back to the point, what can you expect when you tell her those “magic” words?

Either they’ll instantly hit home or she’ll take a week or two to react. Regardless of how quickly she comes to, the seed will have been planted on your part.

From that moment forward she’ll start taking steps towards you to bring about a resolution.
Now, there are two specific things you need to be aware of when you say those things to her:
1) You have to mean them

2) You have to say them when she’s in the right frame of mind to receive them

Concerning the first point, if you don’t truly feel this way then she’ll call your bluff and this approach is likely to backfire. But how can you mean them, especially when you’re in the midst of a painful breakup?

Simple – you get yourself together first and only then do you proceed with this approach. But again, this is a topic that deserves a different article of its own.

Concerning the second point, you can only say these things to her in hopes of getting her back when she comes to you first. If you call her and blurt out those words they won’t have nearly as much of an effect on her as they should.

The best advice I can give you concerning this point is to back away from your ex for some time. It doesn’t have to be long, just long enough for her to contact you and start a conversation about your relationship. Once she does, proceed with the plan.

So there you have it. Those are they exact words you must say to win her back. And while this approach might seem overly simplistic, you won’t be able to realize its true power unless you witness it first-hand.

But trust me, when you do, you’ll get to see this breakup reverse itself before your eyes. And from that day forward, it won’t be long before she’s back in your arms and this painful ordeal is just a faint memory of the past.