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f you read NathanX’s blog and listen to our products you’ll often see and hear him talk about “The seduction Community” or simply, “The Community”.

You may also have stumbled across a few strange acronyms and words you may not understand. Things like PUA, AFC, SET, opener, wing girl and so on. Chances are these unfamiliar terms and acronyms were “community” terminology, a language created ironically to simplify explaining social dynamics and seduction secrets.

So what is the “community”?

The “community” is a once secret subculture of mainly men who have a mutual desire to improve their social, sexual and romantic skills with women. This improvement is based on a greater understanding of social and sexual psychology and body language.

This subculture exists mainly through the Internet and local groups around the world called “lairs”. Members of the these lairs meet up and go out and learn how to seduce women and exchange ideas. Guys generally refer to themselves and each other not by their real names but by nicknames or “handles”.

The more accomplished members of the community refer to themselves as “pick up artists” (PUAs) or “master pick up artists” (MPUAs) and those less skilled as “average frustrated chumps” (AFCs).

The type of guy who would typically join the community has drastically changed over the years. When once it was only computer geeks and engineering nerds, it’s now any guy looking for any type of self-improvement and date ideas to seduce women on adultfrienedfinder. There are guys who are already good with women through to guys with some real social issues.

The geeks basically cracked the code of social dynamics and simply by applying their minds to a problem, learnt how to seduce women without the benefits of looks or money. Now there are all types of guys learning about the success these skills bring and wanting to know what this secret community knows.

The community is not about learning the best pick up lines, then learning how to seduce a woman, sleeping with a woman, using thrusting dildo and dumping her. The community is about mastering your social skills. How a person chooses to use that knowledge is up to them and their seduction style.