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Single Parents Dating and Finding Online Love

When it comes to meeting singles and dating, single parents now have it much easier thanks to online social networks and online dating and matchmaking sites. Not only can single moms and single dads save time and money by looking for other singles online and safely in the comfort of home or office, but they can also screen people and get to know them online before setting up dates. Online dating sites, especially those geared towards single parents, allow you to let potential dates know ahead of time that you’re a single parent.

Single Parents Dating and Finding Online Love

When it comes to meeting singles and dating, single parents now have it much easier thanks to online social networks and online dating and matchmaking sites like login. Not only can single moms and single dads save time and money by looking for other singles online and safely in the comfort of home or office, but they can also screen people and get to know them online before setting up dates. Online dating sites, especially those geared towards single parents, allow you to let potential dates know ahead of time that you’re a single parent.

But before going online to date, most single parents have to gear up to dating in the first place. Looking for someone special for a new romantic relationship can seem daunting for single parents, especially when you hardly have any time for yourself to begin with, let alone to go out and meet people. Some single moms and dads may worry that they’re being selfish dating someone new. Other single dads and moms have been out of the dating scene for a while and wonder if they even know how to get out there and date again at all. Other men and women just wonder where they’re going to find the time to date and who is going to watch the kids while they’re out. And those women and men with older kids may worry about how their children are going to react to having their mom or dad have a new man or woman in their life.

But if you’re even thinking about dating, it probably means you’re ready to at least start dabbling in meeting new women or men . And why not? You’ve been giving your all to your kids, and you deserve to be in a relationship or at least have some fun! And ultimately, by taking care of yourself and being a healthy, independent adult who has adult relationships, you’re being a good role model and giving a wonderful gift to your children.

When you’re ready to get started dating, one of the most important things to remember is to take it slowly when meeting new singles. It is also important to be responsible when going out onto the dating scene by only spending time with friendly, quality singles that respect you and understand your lifestyle and responsibilities as a parent; by not letting your dates take away from your attention to or time with your children; by keeping communication lines open with your children; and by not introducing dates to your children until you are sure that you are interested in a long-term relationship with the man or woman.

Here are a few guidelines for single parents to think about as they start dating.

Dating 101 for Single Parents

Take your time in looking for potential dates and in introducing new people to your kids. You’re looking for someone whom you want to be with and who wants to be with you, the whole you, which includes you as a parent and your kids. This type of man or woman will understand that it takes time before you’re ready to bring him or her into your family.

Take a look at your lifestyle and plan ahead. Before you start dating as a single parent, it can be helpful to take a look at your life and schedule to see when you’ll have stress-free time to meet new single men or single women. Maybe it would be easiest to have a coffee date during a break at work or to meet singles during your lunch hour. Or maybe you’d prefer to get a babysitter and meet in the evening when your kids are in bed. Or maybe you have free time during the week when your kids are with their other parent that would be the perfect time to meet new men or women for a date. Whenever the best time is for dating guys or dating girls, prepare ahead. This may simply mean making sure you have a good babysitter or two that you can call when you have a date.

Decide what you want in a relationship with a man or woman. Are you looking to get married? Do you just want to date? Do you want to just meet friends? Do you want to start slowly but ultimately find someone serious? Are you looking for a soul mate? A life partner? An activity partner? Do you want to have more kids? Do you want to date someone who has kids too? If you would date a single mom or single dad, do you care about the age of their kids? Are you interested in meeting singles in a particular age group, like singles over 30 and 40 or singles in their 20s? Do you want romance and someone who will sweep you off your feet? Do you want someone who has the same political views as you? Are you looking for someone who has a particular religion — Christian singles, Jewish singles, Buddhist singles? Would you prefer to date someone of a specific ethnicity — Asian singles, Black singles, Hispanic singles? Are you gay or lesbian and looking for other gay single parents or lesbian single parents? What personality traits would you like when you find single girls or find single guys to date — funny, smart, serious, successful, organized, punctual, laid-back, etc? Try to get a clear idea of what you’re looking for as you get started meeting other singles dating.

Find singles to date. As you set out to find people, you can start by being open and friendly to the men and women you come across in your usual circles and daily life and by letting friends know that you’re out there again looking to date. Next you can join one or more online dating sites, which is the easiest way, by far, to find singles. Most web dating sites offer free dating as you get started; they offer free personal ads as they let you set up a free profile, post free photos and search men and women for free. This makes is easy and affordable to try out a few dating services to find the ones you like best. To find out where to start, you can ask friends about their favorite matchmaking sites or check out the reviews at The Internet Dating Guide to help you find the best online personals sites for you. There are thousands of dating and relationship websites out there, including many niche online dating sites geared specifically towards single mothers and single fathers. There are also wonderful internet dating sites geared toward a wider audience that still allow you to specify whether or not you have kids and allow you to search for men or women with or without kids. It is advisable to keep searching women and men at a variety of sites because you never know where your soul mate will turn up. Also, different sites offer a variety of ways to connect in addition to the traditional email online dating, including chat rooms; e-cards; message boards; inspirational groups; online games; offline events, travel and gatherings; and more. Some internet personals also offer other dating services, like articles on singles dating, dating guides, relationship advice and internet dating tips.

Here are a few single parent focused internet dating sites on the Net:

•, “the best Internet dating site for single parents and the enlightened singles open to meeting them.” This site says that “the plus of going with a dating site geared towards single parents is that you don’t have to spend one moment *warning* potential suitors you are a parent in your profile. With Single Parent Love Life, you’re always ‘front of the line‘, your application for membership always accepted.”

•, dating for single parents. ‘We understand how busy you are, so we have made this easy, fun and friendly. You don’t want to waste your precious time on someone you have nothing in common with. Start by browsing the single parents photos; enjoy reading their profiles, send secure emails. Try us out for free!’ This site offers video profiles.

•, online dating in the U.K. “Join now and send unlimited free messages, browse 1000s of current dating profiles, chat online and use the message boards, and have fun at our single parent meets.”

•, “ the world’s first and largest dating site for college-educated single mothers and fathers. Single moms or dads can join for dating, relationship, friendship and more! Contact tens of thousands of quality single parents!” They offer forums, blogs, chat, dating advice, safety tips, single parent news, message boards and more.

•, “created by Single Parents for Single Parents. Voted #1 Parents Safe Community on the internet.”

•, online personals for single mothers and fathers. ‘Meet single parents in your area at this online personals site for parents without partners who know how tough single parenting can be. If you are a single mom or dad join today to find friendship, understanding, love, and romance. Meet other single parents today.’

As soon as you’re set up at one or more dating sites, it’s time to find women or find men that you’d like to get to know. It’s advisable to search as often as possible for local singles or singles in the area you’re interested in because new singles are joining daily on most sites. Flag the ones that catch your eye and start emailing.

Browse through all the potential dates and make friends before considering a romantic relationship. As you start to meet women or meet men and get to know them and actually date, do remember to take it slowly. It’s important that you feel comfortable and safe. When you’re dating online, you can keep it anonymous using your dating sites’ anonymous email accounts. Never give out your phone number and full name until you feel completely comfortable. And remember that someone who respects you and your family will understand that you want to take your time.

Start out by seeing if you’re even interested in a friendship before you let the relationship grow into a romance. Make sure your new man or woman likes kids and see if you think the person would be comfortable with your children and vice versa.

Once you’ve done your homework online or on the phone, you can meet in person. Start with a short date in a public place. Be sure to let a friend know about the date, and call your friend with an update after the date.

Take it slowly when you introduce a new love interest to your kids. Before you introduce a new boyfriend or girlfriend to your children, it’s a good idea to be in a committed relationship with the man or woman. Your kids will be able to sense whether or not you are serious about someone, and it is important that the relationship has long-term potential. Make sure you can envision your new love interest as being a part of your family before you introduce him or her to your children, and also make sure you talk with your new girl or guy about how they will fit into your family.

Keep it light when you do introduce your potential soul mate to your kids. Introduce your new guy or girl as a friend and plan a fun group or family/friend-oriented activity. Maybe even invite along a few other friends or plan to meet at some pre-planned event, like a birthday party or a carnival. Meeting in a group setting makes it easier on your kids and your date. There’s less pressure because your date will just be a part of the group of friends. When your new love does meet your kids, give your date and your children the space to develop their own relationships. But do make sure your children behave politely to your new friend.

Communicate with your kids about the fact that you’re dating. Have family meetings. Check in with your kids. Ask them what they think and feel but don’t share about your new relationship. In other words, don’t use your kids as sounding boards for your dating issues, just listen to what they have to say and keep the focus on them. Reassure your kids of your commitment to them and simply share your excitement about the new man or new woman in your life. Also, make sure to keep your usual schedule and activities with your kids intact as you start dating.

Keep your heart open, think positively, be yourself and have fun. Remember, it’s okay to date, just date responsibly. Make sure you don’t rush and don’t let meeting new single women and new single men interrupt your kids’ lives. But do get out there, do have nice adult conversations over wine and coffee and do allow yourself to fall in love!