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To be the center of attraction to almost all women a man must make himself a man in terms of how women define the ideal ‘man’ in a collective sense. What I mean is this: Stop chasing and sweating women. Sweat yourself. Be committed in your heart to being the strongest (physically, mentally, intellectually, spiritually, etc.) man you can possibly be with all your manmade power. Know that you are the shit and that no one better fuck with you or else. Be a little arrogant, but not overly. Have a ‘don’t fuck with me’ look on your face. The ‘don’t fuck with me’ look only works once you have everything else up to par. If there is an aspect of your manhood that is not tight, then it will come out as you interact with women.

Women on adultfriendrfinder simply want the best and strongest man. Just like we want our women to be soft, beautiful, sexy, confident, etc., they want strong, masculine, secure, into himself. Wear the finest. Smell great, not good. Do better than the next man. Look better than the next man!

LOVE yourself to the fullest. Don’t stare at women, they feel our desperado. Play it like you have your shit together and you dare not be disrespected. Fill up your time with all types of activities that ‘real men’ do. You are a MAN. Love that! When you wash your face, use the BEST soap. When you dress, make sure you look like a gentleman. Carry yourself as if you have a high self-esteem. People pick up on what you store in your heart, so be careful what you store. Take special consideration in terms of what type of person you are.

Women love thoughtful men. Be so thoughtful (to yourself) to the point that you don’t leave anything neglected in your life. Take care of yourself like you’ve never before. Women like men that run on their own natural man energy. Women like men with ‘balls’ Women like men that stand for something. Be a man of integrity, a man of dignity. Be a man that always makes the correct decision. Think about it: If God made it so that women liked a man simply because he is ‘nice’, then there wouldn’t be a real incentive for men to be ‘men’. Women would just go for anybody. God gave women the innate desire to want men that are ‘real men’. Women have a strong sense of ‘who you really are’. There is no faking women out. Women are like a prize. Only ‘real men’ win them.

Depending on how strong you are as a man determines how bad-ass your girlfriend will be. Don’t act like you need women. Know in your mind that they need you. You are a MAN. As a man, you should have a code of conduct, a set of strict guidelines to live by. Live for the pure only. For instance, drink water, juices, and eat all kinds of healthy shit. Also, be honest, sensitive, etc. Think of as many good emotions you are not and practice being them right away.

Be the type of person who would never do another wrong. Think good thoughts ONLY. Believe it or not, bad thoughts manifest in our lives in ways we can not detect. Women see shit we don’t about ourselves. Think always that life is great and you are the greatest. Women will begin to see and believe the same. So stop chasing women and let them chase you. Whatever you think you are, you are. Give women only good things to think about you when they see you, then it is then that you will begin to receive respect from women. Women want to know that you can be a man to rely on. God made it this way. If he didn’t, then there wouldn’t be a real reason to be a real man. God likes us men to be ‘strong’ for our women.

Its like he planted a chip in women’s heads to make sure we never forget what a ‘real man’ should be.